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Recorded in January 2008 at BWC Studios (Brampton, Ontario)
Engineered and Mixed by Greg Dawson
Mastered by Ryan Mills


released November 13, 2009


all rights reserved



TITAN Toronto, Ontario

A union between the severity of hardcore and technical mastery/sinister malice of metal, such a bombastic sonic outcome from Titan is inevitable. Maintaining roots consistent with traditional Canadian hardcore established by the likes of Union Of Uranus, Buried Inside, Cursed and more, Titan enhances a rich, thunderous history with their own furious approach. ... more

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Track Name: The Glory of the Fleet
Concrete poured / to rings on the earth
Walls rise / the depths of this ocean
Stone carved / the face of God
Decorated as a hero and cursed to death

This colossus / wood crafted / iron forged
My hangman / an audience / thinly veiled

I am here for you / if you can believe I’m here at all
but it’s real as the splinters inside me
I’ll take it / I will
I’ll find you there / in the absence of a cure

So, the mast blows / the wind burns / the dead walk
I await my sentence
So, the mast blows / the wind burns / the dead wait
I am forced to defend my life
So, the wind blows / the mast burns / the dead’s will
and accept my fate
So, the mast blows / the wind burns / the dead’s war
and accept my execution - the naumachiae

I will leave for you / if I was allowed to leave at all
but the pain from the shrapnel inside me
is wearing me out
I’ll find you there / in my death

As I drop to the floor / I sink like a stone
This sea is cold, is dead / I’ve found my resting place
stripped of my rank / I’m forced to stare back at the
haze of red floating / a cloud stroked with envy.
Track Name: Attention
All is vanity
As the light bearer descends.
Omnia Vanitas
Ultimately fruitless. An epitaph.
Track Name: The Standard
I sit as an abscess on the skin of the univese
This is the alabaster mold / the shape I want to preserve
don’t tell me that it’s necessary - even when I subvert the
cross I’m still bound by destiny and finalities.
The wounds on my skin won’t heal.
They won’t peel away.
I want them torn and sewn up.
He’s come to steal my eyes.
My mouth is sealed with ash. My back scrapes the sky.
This scar won’t peel away. My mark.
My split in the fold of time.
This scar won’t heal.
I sit as a blemish on the skin of your fucked up findings.
This scar won’t heal, split in the fold of time.

Stars rot in the sky.
Rivers are empty.
Their beds have dried to dust.
split with everything across space.
And upon this breath - I inhale the sun.
I am all matter and I am all energy.
It brings me no peace. I can’t stand this heat.
I can’t feel my mind.
I am blind with no sun.
I am burned with no light.
I am denied life.
I am pathetic, like all things.
I am ending.
I am denied my three days removed from the cross.
My wounds fester and change.
My scar has scabbed and peeled away.
Track Name: Next Winter
See this tribute to no one but myself,
in the form of a portrait painted by
the hands of a friend.
It glares at me in all my glory -
the eyes of a beast. The will of a demon.
and a lifetime of sins.
The next winter, when the woods are bare
and exposed - you won’t / don’t get another.
Not a second. Not another.
I’ve wiped your name from the corner,
ignoring you were ever there.
I killed a woman and I killed a friend.
I am Faust. I am Christ.
I discard the love Venus, I discard eternal life.
In spite of you. In front of you.
In place of and in shame of you.

In eighteen years... No, longer,
I haven’t aged a second.
You did this to me out of love.
I never believed you could.
I stare into the only mirror I need.
I can’t stand this hideous fucking face.
This is my life and nothing
can change that shape.
How the oil has stricken the canvas.
The eyes of a beast, the soul of winter.
I killed a woman and I killed a friend.
I am Faust and I am fucking Christ.
I discard the sex from Venus
and I discard eternal life.
In front of you - I’m sorry.

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